Shipping Rates

Wondering how we charge for shipping? You're in the right place! This is how we charge:
Standard size prints are charged at just €3.50 for up to 60 prints for any combination of Standard Print sizes (6"x4", 6"x4.5", 5"x3.75", 7"x5" and 7"x5.5").

Once you order more than 60 Standard Prints you move up to the next postage bracket, which is €7.00 for up to 120 prints, and so on.

However, when you purchase different products, the individual postage fees are added together. For example:
If you order 10 6"x4" prints, 40 7"x5" prints and 2 12"x8" prints, you would be charged €3.50 for the fifty Standard prints and an additional €6.00 for the larger prints, giving us a total of €9.50.

We ship via An Post, so a delivery time of two to three days within Ireland is normal. Unfortunately a shipping via courier is not currently available - but we are working on it!

You can find a full table of our charges below.

Title Applies To Description Maximum Quantity Price
Standard Prints  5" x 4" 6" x 4" 5" x 7" 8" x 6" 8" x 12" 10" x 8" 10" x 12" 10" x 15" 12" x 16" 12" x 19" 20" x 16" Test Up to sixty standard prints flat rate, via An Post.  60  €2.00 
Large Prints  16" x 24" 20" x 30" Up to three prints (not exceeding 24") in a tube. Flat rate shipping via An Post  €6.00 
Ballycar Shipping  5" x 7" Print 8" x 10" Print CUSTOMER PRINT Special offer shipping rate for Ballycar NS  20  €2.00 
class group  10x8 group   22  €0.00